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Texas CDL Test Questions & Answers | Class A & B CDL Truck Rentals
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CDL Test Truck
Texas CDL Test Questions & Answers
Class A & B CDL Truck Rentals

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Class B Truck Rental Pricing

Class B CDL Truck Rental Pricing  

Special Limited Time Offer >>> $500.00 

(Reg $750.00 You Save $250.00)


Information about our Class B CDL trucks we rent: 

Our trucks are brand new state of the art 2013 - 2015 Peterbilt 587 models, which is one of Peterbilt's top of the line truck, with full automatic 10 speed Autoshift automatic transmissions. These trucks have only a brake & accelerator pedal, no clutch. To put the truck into the drive gear you just simply touch the digital screen on the dash where the "D" is & the transmission goes into gear. The transmission will automatically shift the transmission up & down for you. To put it into reverse just touch the digital screen where the "R" is and it goes into reverse.


  • These trucks are very easy trucks to drive; just like driving a Chevy, Dodge or Ford pickup truck.
  • We have 18-year-old girls that do road tests every month. 



There is NO restriction on a license in Texas when using a automatic transmission 

on the TXDPS road test with the TXDPS examiner.


  Truck Rental Rental Price Description
Waco, TX $500.00**

**Limited Time Offer**

$500.00** (You save $750)

Waco, Kilgore, Canton / Terrell, Dallas Mega TXDPS CDL Testing Centers

Waco is the 1st easiest road test in the State of Texas.

Kilgore, Canton / Terrell is the 2nd easiest road test in the State of Texas.

Dallas Mega is our 3rd option

You want the easiest road test...???

Waco is the easiest road test in the State of Texas.

This price is for the truck rental for the Class B CDL Truck Rental only.This price does not include the instructor, insurance, fuel & scheduling. This is an additional $260.00 paid to the instructor in cash on the day you come to practice with out instructor before your TXDPS scheduled road test.

Truck Rental includes:
Class B Truck
TXDOT & USDOT Licensing


Requirements to take a TXDPS road test:
Completion of all 5 written exams
Class B permit & DOT medical card




Reason #1) All other TXDPS office's, including the office in your area; road tests generally take 1 hour up to 1 hour & 30 minutes depending on the examiner. The TXDPS offices we like to go to their class B road test takes 15 to 22 minutes on an average, again depending on the examiner.

Reason #2) Most every TXDPS office in the state has a box marked out to parallel park the truck with no pull ups allowed. When parallel parking if you cannot perfectly park the truck 10" to 12" off the curb on the first try with no pull-ups then most examiners will fail you. The TXDPS offices we like to go to have no box to parallel the truck in. 98% of our clients only lose 0 to 4 points on the backing scoring a 94% - 98% on the road test. One TXDPS office in particular, the only office in the state, will not fail anyone on the backing. As long as you make the attempt to back and attempt to parrallel park this office will only take a few points off. 

Reason #3) All other TXDPS offices have curbs, traffic lights and heavy traffic. If you touch a curb then you fail the test. If you run, or get caught in, a red light you fail. If you pull out in front of a car and impede traffic slowing the car down you fail. Our TXDPS office has no curbs, no traffic lights & very little to no traffic.

Reason #4) Most TXDPS offices are making people do a pre-trip inspection. There is no pre-trip inspection at the TXDPS offices we prefer.

Reason #5) Before you even get to do the actual road test you must pass the air brake test on the truck. If you mess up on the air brake test and miss a step at any other driver license office in the state of Texas the TXDPS examiner will terminate your road test failing you where you will have to reschedule. TXDPS office examiners at a few offices we go to will allow you to correct yourself if you miss a step on the air brake test. In some cases the TXDPS examiner will show you how to do the air brake test then advancing you on to the road test.

With all of these 5 reasons to help you pass the CDL road test these are the easiest TXDPS offices in the State of Texas to pass a road test on the first try.

*The fuel, insurance, instructor & scheduling is an additional $260.00.

**The $250 special does not include the fuel, insurance, instructor & scheduling. The fee for these services are $260.00.

  Kilgore, TX $500.00**
Canton / Terrell, TX $500.00**
Dallas Mega, TX $500.00**

You May Purchase Additional Private One On One In-Truck Training

Training Price Description

1 Hour Minimum


The 1 hour training includes:
Licensed class A CDL instructor
Class B Truck
USDOT & TXDOT Licensing

Class B Permit


  • Additional Training is to polish driving skills before they take the CDL Road Test, Straight Line Backing, Parallel Parking, Turning... etc.

Please call for other DMVs not listed. We service all counties in Texas

Each Additional Hour $250.00
2 Hour Special $400.00 A $500.00 Value (You Save $100.00)


Certification Program Price Description

Entry Level Driver Training Certificate

  • An entry level driver who will begin operating a commercial vehicle in interstate commerce on or after July 21, 2004, must recieve this training and certificate before driving a commercial vehicle for hire in interstate commerce.

Required by the FMCSA to be legal to drive in interstate commerce for hire. You cannot legally operate a CDL vehicle without this certificate.




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